ARCO rights procedure

ATEB Procedure for Attention to Requests from responsible persons

ATEB, in compliance with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its Regulations, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), and Convention 108 and 108 Plus, and other relative ones, but above all aware of the importance of your privacy, makes this procedure available to request the exercise of any of the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (ARCO) recognized.

The rights that everyone can exercise, in relation to the processing of their personal data are:

  • Right of Access: You have the right to obtain from ATEB your personal data, as well as information regarding the conditions and generalities of the treatment.
  • Right of Rectification: The owner may, at any time, request the person responsible to rectify their personal data that prove to be inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Right of Cancellation: implies the cessation of the treatment by the person in charge, from a blocking of the same and their subsequent deletion.
  • Right of Opposition: to oppose the processing of your personal data or demand its cease, the owner may define the purposes in the processing of your data.

To perform any exercise related to the personal rights of its holders, you must follow the following procedure:

  • The Person Responsible for Personal Data, through its Data Protection Officer or its legal Representative, is the only one empowered to request the execution of ARCO rights
  • The Request to exercise ARCO rights may be submitted through:
    • Free writing or application form delivered directly to our offices located at: Avenida Insurgentes Norte, No. 554, Piso 2, Col. Atlampa, Del. Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, C.P. 06450. Attention hours from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00.
    • Free writing or application form, delivered to any of our offices.
    • Directed email:

When ATEB is in CHARGE, the RESPONSIBLE for the Personal Data may request any ARCO right from any of its Holders. It must be done through a request that in turn must be made by the Data Protection Officer, or where appropriate, by the Legal Representative, said request will be in writing and signed.

  • The request will be directed to the Personal Data Protection Officer, who will verify that it contains the following:
    • The name of the Data Protection Officer or Legal Representative, email or other means to communicate the execution of your request.
    • Current document that proves the identity of the Holder or, where appropriate, document that proves the legal representation of the holder.
    • The clear and precise description of the personal data and / or the reasons why the exercise of any of the ARCO rights must be done.
    • The request for rectification must indicate what personal data it refers to, as well as the correction to be made and must be accompanied by the documentation that supports the origin of the request.
  • In case the application does not comply any of these requirements, the application will be rejected and the applicant will be informed by the means indicated.
  • If the application complies all the formal requirements, the process will continue in accordance with the following procedure.

ATEB Procedure for Attention to Requests from Holders regarding the exercise of ARCO Rights:

  • The Responsible for the Protection of Personal Data will communicate the response of the request to the Holder or his Legal Representative, within a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) business days, counted from the date of receipt of the request to exercise rights ARCO, through the means indicated in the request.
  • If the request is appropriate, it will be effective within 5 (five) business days following the date on which the response is communicated.

    Note: The obligation of ACCESS to the information will be considered fulfilled when the personal data is made available to the Holder; or, by issuing simple copies, electronic documents or any other means.

  • The aforementioned terms may be extended only once for an equal period, as long as the circumstances of the case justify it.
  • In caset the owner requests access to the data to a person who presumes he is responsible and this turns out not to be, it will be enough that the owner is indicated in this way by any of the means referred to in the previous paragraph, to have the request fulfilled.
  • The exercise of ARCO rights may be denied when:
    • The applicant is not the Official of the personal data on the part of the Responsible, or the legal representative is not duly accredited for it;
    • When the petitioner's personal data is not found in its database;
    • When the rights of a third party are injured;
    • When there is a legal impediment, or the resolution of a competent authority, that restricts access to personal data, or does not allow their rectification, cancellation or opposition, and
    • When the rectification, cancellation or opposition has already been previously made.

ATEB will inform the reason for its decision to the Personal Data Officer or, where appropriate, to the legal representative, within the deadlines established for that purpose, by the same means established in the request.

In case of doubts about the procedure, you can contact the telephone number 51180300 Ext. 1286/1143.