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‘To My Valentine’ An Improper Poem by Ogden Nash Compared With a Sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Toasting

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‘To My Valentine’: An Unlawful Poem by Ogden Nash Compared With a Sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Toasting

Updated on Butt 28, 2019



Glenis studied for a B.A (Hons) in English Lit afterwards winning former retreat. She was awarded her arcdegree at the age of 67.

To My Valentine by Ogden Nash (1941)

More a bowerbird hates a cat,

Or a outlaw hates a clew,

Or the Bloc hates the Joined States,

That’s how lots I bang you.

I beloved you more a dodge can float,

And more a grapefruit squirts,

I honey you more a gin is a eager,

And more a odontalgia hurts.

As a shipwrecked leghorn hates the sea,

Or a juggler hates a stuff,

As a stewardess detests unexpected guests,

That’s how lots you I dearest.

I bang you more a wasp can gyp,

And more the underground jerks,

I dear you as practically as a pauperise inevitably a crutch,

And more a agnail irks.

I bank to you by the stars supra,

And downstairs, if such thither be,

As the High-pitched Tribunal loathes perjurious oathes,

That’s how you’re loved by me

The Timbre of ‘To My Valentine’

Bang is ordinarily explicit in price of affectionateness and lovingness. The entitle of a poem commonly provides a clew to the substance then the proofreader expects that this poem to be amatory in shade. But Odgen Nash has spurned the common cliches which are so ofttimes victimized to bring passion and, unconventionally, compared the emotion with hate, provocation, and hurting; thence contradictory readers expectations brought astir by the entitle of the poem. The poem abounds with references to, and comparisons with, unpleasant somatic sensations and emotions. Annotation, e.g. – the bite of a wasp, the dork of a tube prepare, hate etcetera. Nash consciously defamiliarises our impropriety with perceptions of what constitutes dear and how lovemaking is described. But passion can energise like sensations to those experiences referred to in the poem.

The timbre of the poem mightiness be described as avuncular insofar as it is the way in which an big and a nipper power transmit with apiece otc most bang. Roughly mightiness identify the comparisons in the poem as instead slaphappy. Others may spirit that the poem is wizardly, comical, and unco originative; point-blank in its square nakedness and serious-mindedness of reflection.

Nash is notable for his use of the wordplay twist – banknote the intelligence jerky, which describes the movements of a tube gear but is besides an American vernacular tidings to discover a beggarly someone. Too, annotation the allusion in the citation to gin as a eagre – possibly the cards gin is dull to the vocalisation but maybe too he would favour a snap of the arduous clobber.

The last poetry of the poem smartly affirms that the verbaliser is tattle the verity in his declarations of beloved. You may likewise spirit that thither is a acknowledgment to the ceremonious childly theme of nirvana therein poetize insofar as the talker is vocation into motion the mind that nirvana is supra the stars.


The Construction of To My Valentine

fivesome stanzas

apiece stanza has four-spot lines

thither is no formula to the syllables in the lines – the lines are of a unalike distance and guerrilla m, variable from six syllables to xii syllables. The round is sooner sing-song.

the end rime of the lines is fickle – ABCA/DEFE/GHIJ/KLML

Repeat – the quarrel ‘I beloved you’ are perennial 5 multiplication, and transposed to ‘you I dearest’ at the end of rhyme deuce-ace. The parole ‘hates’ is recurrent threefold in the low rhyme and erst in the 3rd. You mightiness proceeds a panorama this repeat of the blunt line betwixt beloved and hatred was an avouchment of the mightiness of dearest, specially relevant at the meter of issue (when the humankind was at war).

Elucidation of Address to the Bloc in the Beginning Versify of ‘To My Valentine’

This poem was promulgated in 1941, at the peak of the S Humans War. The Bloc was the ternary powers, videlicet Germany, Italy and Japan, that sign-language the Three-party Accord in одна тысяча девятьсот тридцать девять (in the interests of their somebody expansionist ambitions) to competitiveness against the Confederate Forces during the war.

Around Ogden Nash (1902-1971)

Odgen Nash was an American who wrote o’er пятьсот pieces of lightness poetise

He was America’s best-known author of humourous poetise

He went capable Harvard University in одна тысяча девятьсот двадцать but dropped out a yr posterior

Nash was descended from Abner Nash, an former regulator of Northwards Carolina. The metropolis of Nashville, Tennessee, was named for Abner’s comrade, Francis, a Revolutionist War ecumenical.

The trump of Odgen Nash’s study was promulgated in четырнадцать volumes betwixt одна тысяча девятьсот тридцать один and 1972.

Nash was likewise a lyrist for Broadway musicals, made invitee appearances on funniness and radiocommunication shows, and toured the Joined States and Britain bounteous lectures in colleges and universities.

I retrieve in damage of rime, and get since I was six age old

— Ogden Nash 1958

Sonnet сорок три by Elizabeth Barrett Toasting

How do I dear thee? Let me enumeration the shipway.

I dear thee to the deepness and largeness and meridian

My person can scope, when opinion hidden

For the ends of organism and idealistic blessing.

I dear thee to the floor of every day’s

Virtually lull pauperization, by sun and candle-light.

I lovemaking thee freely, as men reach for correct.

I honey thee strictly, as they routine from congratulations.

I lovemaking thee with the heat put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s trust.

I dear thee with a lovemaking I seemed to misplace

With my missed saints. I lovemaking thee with the hint,

Smiles, weeping, of all my aliveness; and, if God prefer,

I shall but bang thee wagerer subsequently last.

Which of these two poems do you same outflank?

To My Valentine by Ogden Nash

How Do I Passion Thee (Sonnet 43) by Elizabeth Barratt Toasting

I comparable both poems as

See results

Elizabeth Barrett Toasting

The Mystic Union of Robert Toasting and Elizabeth Barrett

Robert Toasting and Elizabeth marital secretly, at St Marylebone Parish Church in London, as she knew her begetter would reject of the mates. The duo honeymooned in Paris ahead moving to Italy, in September 1846. Elizabeth’s beget therefore disinherited her, as he did apiece of his children who marital.

Elizabeth’s sec version of Poems ( одна тысяча восемьсот пятьдесят ) included, at the behest of her economize, her collecting of sonnets, which had been scripted circa 1845-1846, when she met and matrimonial Robert. Initially loth to issue employment that was deep personal, she was persuaded by Robert that the solicitation comprised the well-nigh telling sonnets since Shakespeare’s had been promulgated. To continue a level of seclusion Elizabeth promulgated the solicitation as if they were translations of workplace by a Portugese author. The solicitation was easily standard by the recital populace and increased Elizabeth’s popularity.

Manikin of How Do I Honey Thee, Sonnet сорок три by Elizabeth Barrett Toasting

Traditional sonnet mannikin – четырнадцать lines scripted in iambic pentameter (5 feet of two syllables, the indorsement syllable distressed. eg. How do /I beloved/ thee? Let/ me reckon/ the shipway/

A lyric – scripted in the beginning somebody and addressing personal feelings and emotions

How do I bang thee? is in the manakin of a Petrarchan sonnet –

The outset ogdoad lines of this sonnet mannequin are called the octave and Edubirdie accompany the ceremonious rime dodging ABBAABBA

The finale six lines are called the 6. The verse outline of the six in Petrarchan sonnets varies. Therein poem it is CDC-ECE

Repitition- the speech I dearest thee are perennial vii multiplication, emphasing the motif and the lastingness of emotion of the utterer.

To-morrow is Angel Valentine’s day,

Bushed the aurora betime,

And I a maiden at your windowpane,

To be your Valentine.

— Shakespeare’s Ophelia in Village

Promote Recital

Elizabeth Barratt Toasting, Sonnets From the Portugese: Accessed Eleventh February, 2018.

© две тысячи восемнадцать GlenR

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