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Deliver high-availability, friendly e-business solutions, with the highest level of services to all our clients, offering a better quality of life to our employees, being at all times socially responsible and granting attractive profits to our shareholders.


Our values ​​and ethics go according with transparency and honesty in the serice to our customers, business partners, suppliers, collaborators and competitors. Teamwork, service attitude and quality in all areas is our priority


Being the best option in the e-business market with our solutions we offer in the America, through the creation, implementation and maintenance of cost-effective and cutting-edge solutions, as well as creating strategic alliances to collaborate in other latitudes.

Certificates by the authority

ATEB has been authorized by different governments throughout its history. El Servicio de Administración Tributaria in Mexico, la Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria in Guatemala, El Ministerio de Finanzas in Costa Rica and the Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales in Colombia.


With sufficient experience, ATEB Servicios has carried out communication and EDI services since 1998. Later adopting the structure of the Electronic Invoice in 2000. More than 20 years of experience in the service support our applications.

Sectors and Industries

The applications of ATEB are use by hundreds of thousands of users from different industries, in different countries. The automotive, pharmaceutical, primary sector, construction, transportation, food, education and much more have automated their processes through our services.

Ready for you

All ATEB applications adjust to the needs of each of our clients, providing solutions to large corporations but also to small businesses and individuals.


ATEB Servicios S.A de C.V is a Mexican company founded in June 2000 that offers consulting and implementation services in e-business solutions in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador and Colombia.

Specialized products and services regarding Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and the generation of solutions that automate e invoicing processes.

We have specialized personnel with more than twelve years of experience in advising and implementing EDI solutions under different platforms as well as with e invoicing solutions since August 2005 starting in Mexico to later extend solutions in Central and South America.

ATEB Services has implemented E invoicing in more than 130 customers in the automotive, pharmaceutical, health, Educational Institutions, Retail, Food, among others. Its solutions issue more than 1 million invoices per year. ATEB has implemented more than 40 EDI documents in production in both Mexico and Central America, has experience in the implementation of e-business solutions in more than 6000 clients of different sizes, turns and industries.


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